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The Hiatus Is Over...

Monday, June 26, 2006

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera (UdD myspace account)

Whenever I think of UdD, the image of a disoriented Meryl Soriano with smeared mascara running through a deserted hallway always comes to mind. That video of "Maybe" is intense. This indie band with a sound midway between bossa and trip hop impressed me. (I'm starting to sound like I'm giving a music review.. anywho...) There's an originality in their music lacking in the pseudo-rock bands we have today.

OPM is a misnomer. Original Pilipino Music is rarely original (or any music written after the 70's for that matter). Since the decline of rock in the PI by the end of the 90's (The Eraserheads Era), I've staged a personal ban on OPM. We have numerous pop singers reviving the same music over and over and over without an ounce of improvement and in most cases comes out as a futile attempt at an imitation.

Despite the scarcity of originality, the OPM rock scene is excellent though, great rhythms, written lyrics and a plethora of choices. Love the playfulness of Imago, the funkiness of Bamboo, the melancholy of 6cyclemind, the antics of Sandwich and the unabashed honesty of Session Road. Also, there's a cebu-based band, Sheila and the Insects, that released "Quick to Panic" whose video I mistook for a foreign one, their music sounds alot like Bloc Party but very up to par.

The UdD video of "Pag-agos", a girl walking down a deserted Makati Avenue (i think?!) meets a twin/look-alike/clone, is also quite interesting. And their songs, "Oo" and "Hiwaga" are equally great (I'm running out of positive adjectives. blah) Armi Millare has an awesome voice.

etc etc etc...


posted by Alternati, 2:29 AM

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