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Sarcasm Aside

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Truth or Consequence

Friday, July 21, 2006

(Photo from: www.religioustattoos.net)

There are some truths we know. There are some truths we wish we knew. There are some truths we wish we didn't. There are some truths we wish we could've known earlier. There are some truths we wish we could've known later. There are some truths we fear knowing. There are some truths we wish to forget.

Ignorance... they say is bliss. Some also say that what you won't know won't hurt you. But others will contradict by saying that you can never hide the truth. The bliss of ignorance has an expiration date. So would you rather know now or later?

Truth... they say sets us free. But they also say that truth can make you mad. Some truths can leave us lost and confused, forever bound by the shackles of doubt and despair. If you were to die in a week, would you want to know so you can anxiously prepare for it or would you rather not know and enjoy your remaining week without fear?

They say you cannot change the truth but the truth can change you. Truth and consequence. There is no "or". Every truth comes with consequences. Every unknown truth comes with consequences too. The truth hurts. Not knowing the truth also hurts.

Knowing the consequences, to know the truth or not to know the truth... That is the question.

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posted by Alternati, 4:18 AM

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