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Sarcasm Aside

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13 X(tinct) Games

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Before PS2, before the Xbox, before the Gamecube, before 3d graphics, before surround sound and sound cards... We had this...

Nope, its not a Tupperware product... nope, its not a transformer... and nope, its not a child's toy sold in Divisoria. Its one of the first and the bestest (double superlative required) game consoles ever made!!! The Nintendo Family Computer. I remember feeling so ecstatic when we bought our very own 32-in-1 tape (basically, 32 games in one tape) I know, I know I'm reminiscing again, that seems to be the theme with my past 4 posts or so. Its a phase I'm going through. Just humor me. Also, I have decided to post my top 13 thingy on every thirteenth of the month as a tribute to SV2G, but I can't help myself...

Here are the Top 13 kick-ass games of my generation... (Warning to younger readers: Obsolete games ahead)

Super Mario Bros. 3

No game console will be authentic without a Mario game. This is the third installment on the Famicom. It had flutes transporting you to future stages, It had a giant stage (where everything is enlarged except Mario) and it had a lot of minor bonus games integrated into it. This is the best Mario game ever if you ask me. Best feature: Mario flying and Mario swimming in a frog suit. Irritating feature: It still had that "Thanks Mario, But our Princess is in another castle" plot done in Mario 1.


"Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, select, start". This was the first game cheat I've ever known. It was a rite of passage into the Famicom gaming world. You had two rambo-like characters played by the first and second players who did somersaults when they jumped. Best feature: an array of gun types of which I like "Spread" the most. Irritating feature: The other player can steal lives from you. grrr...

Battle City

Two tanks protecting one base... Other tanks trying to destroy it. This is one of the best quick paced games on the Famicom. You could grab enhancements on your tank or your base when you disintegrate another tank (I think?!). Best feature: you could customize the map and make your base impenetrable and enemy tanks surrounded by water. Irritating feature: You can accidentally (or intentionally) fire at your own base, destroy the eagle and end the game.

Duck Hunt

Before counterstrike, before half life... we had Duck Hunt, the first first-person shooter game (I think?!) What's cool about this game is you used an orange gun you attach to the Famicom to shoot. Aim: shoot the flying ducks. Best feature: the orange gun. Irritating feature: A dog in the bushes laughs at you when you miss the ducks.


My Dad was more addicted to this than his children were (haha... I hope he never reads this) You control a weird white suited character who drops bombs like crazy to kill the enemy creatures and to demolish brick walls. Best feature: there are enhancements you can get all over the map, the best of which is the ability to walk through walls. Irritating feature: It's timed. I get all panicky when the timer counts down from 10.


This game bored me to death but I know a lot of people who liked it. Its the older version of Collapse. You have to form straight lines to prevent your blocks from reaching the top (which means Game Over) while some Russian folk music plays in the background. Best feature: Its easy to play. Irritating feature: Its too easy to play.


I had nightmares from playing this game as a kid. You are a hero fighting ghouls and vampires using a whip, among other weapons. There are hidden doorways and hidden treasures everywhere. You're regular haunted castle. Best feature: The holy water flask, all surrounding creatures die when you use it. Irritating feature: the flying bats.

Balloon Fight

One of the most fun games on Famicom. You hold onto 4 balloons or so and fly around the screen. The Aim: to pop the balloons of enemies with your feet. At first, its depressing having your character plummet to the water below but once you get the hang of it, its sadistically fun. Best feature: the simplicity of the objective. Irritating feature: Enemy balloon poppers.

Kung Fu

This was our version of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken. You control a Bruce Lee like character who can do perfect broadway high kicks, and do it tirelessly if I may add. You battle your way through henchmen, ninjas and snakes so you can reach the end and battle martial arts masters. Best feature: Enemies blindlessly and voluntarily run into your kicks. Irritating feature: the sound your character makes when he does the kicks.

Ice Climber

Another fun Famicom game. Two eskimoes with mallets (or ice picks?!) climbing a mountain and hitting some creatures along the way. Your aim is to reach the apex and grab onto a flying bird. Best feature: If you find your co-player slow and unchallenging, you can leave them behind and have them leave the game. Irritating feature: When you're the one who got left behind.

Donkey Kong

You are mario, Donkey Kong has held your Princess and you must save the damstrel in distress. You need to jump over barrels, climb ladders and avoid the walking flames. Donkey Kong never seems to run out of barrels. Best feature: It gets your heart pumping when Donkey Kong throws three barrels in a row. Irritating feature: Those broken ladders.

Road Fighter

This is the first car driving game I've ever played. The graphics are so pathetic compared to Need for Speed and other racing games now but the gameplay is as exciting. (haha... I'm totally gonna defend the Family Computer). Best feature: It is played from the top. I get nauseous when I play a first-person racing game. Irritating feature: Those cop cars.


Fighter spaceships shooting alien flying thingies. This is also a fun arcade game. Best feature: The feeling you get after the first time you do the two-spaceships side by side (as seen on the picture to the left). Irritating feature: The way the fly spaceships look like when they come nearer and nearer.

On a more disappointing note, The Text Twist game I've been taking care of for the past months has ended out of sheer stupidity. The game ended on the word "SCAMPI". I hate that word, which as it turns out is a shrimp dish with garlic. The PDA version of the game can be paused hence the 17 million score. haha.

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