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Sarcasm Aside

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Will someone kill that Sukob Flowergirl!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Its quarter to seven, I'm still awake. I can't get that flowergirl from Sukob out of my head. Sukob is a horror movie about a superstition in Filipino culture. It is a belief that bad luck comes to those who get married under certain circumstances like tying the knot on a date that falls in the same year as a family member's death or a sibling's wedding.

I met some of my friends and friends of friends late last night. I didn't expect the lines to be excruciatingly long. There was a queue for tickets and a queue for entry. We planned to watch the 730 one but ended up watching the last full show. After a snack, a semi-finished cigarette, and Tine buying a humongous cotton candy, we were flashing the star stamp on our wrists at the cinema entry. We went in a little prematurely because we could still hear the "aaaaahhhs!!!" of the audience inside. Not wanting to spoil the movie, we passed the time making fun of this shitty girl who kept complaining about us entering without queuing (we have Cinema 4 star marks baby!) We finally did enter and sat comfortably on our seats.

The Philippine national anthem played, an ad for Spiderman three, and the movie started. Dona: "Ano ba yan! Simula agad! Di man lang tayo kinondisyon!" (It's already starting! They didn't even prepare us!) The audience was fun that night, there were screams that were out of sync, some screams were in perfect unison, and some screams were for totally different reasons... all in all a total scream-o-rama, my tonsils were pulsating at the end of the show. The movie was generally okey a barkada (peer) movie that has its fair share of super scary moments. Although you can't help but notice similarities with Final Destination (death chasing you, woman getting smashed by a speeding bus) and The Ring (that damn flowergirl crawling). The twist was good also, Tine and I kept trying to figure the story out and by three-fourths of the movie we got the most of it. The scariest thing about the movie for me is the musical score. It made certain scenes scarier, the gradual increase in volume, and made scenes to startle the audience even more effective.

This is the polar opposite of what the cinema was like Photo from www.gabesplayerpianos.org

We all had sweaty armpits by the end of the movie. When the credits started rolling, the lights were turned on. We all tried our darndest to hide our faces, we made such a scene there screaming we didn't want anyone to know who we were. I peered around and nearly everyone in the vicinity was doing the same. We went out laughing at certain scenes (as if we didn't watch it together) and on the way to the coffee shop, we made occasional remarks like "Ano yun!!!" (What's that!!!) while pointing at mirrors or dark niches.

Miss Jessica Zafra (All hail, Miss Zafra, Goddess of Irony) watched the movie too. Read her thoughts at the following url (I especially loved the bit about forks. LOL)
Jessica Zafra's Twisted: Interactive Horror!

It's officially morning. I think I would be able to sleep now. I have a vivid imagination and I have an excellent retention of scary images, and lying alone in a dark room after watching a horror flick isn't good... at all. Instead of lying there, eyes darting from window to mirror to door, praying nothing would come up from underneath your bed and hold your leg... I opted to be productive and bloghop instead. The thing about scary movies is you know you won't be able to sleep after you see the movie... but you keep coming back for more.

BTW, Since there was no Super Dry, I had an SMB Pale Pilsen at the coffee shop and I haven't noticed this caption before...


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