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Monday, November 20, 2006

Manny Pacquiao won. Whoopee... (roll eyes here) The rich get richer. Show the slightest bit of non-support for the boxer and you are labeled "unpatriotic". When did nationalism become an issue of which Everlast boxing glove wearing pugilist you root for? I am not pro-Morales... just anti-Pacquiao.

He is one cocky midget vertically challenged person. If I hear him telling Dianne Castillejo another one of his ridiculous sound clips, I swear I'm gonna start sparring just to be the one to knock him out. Teach me to box Mr. Eastwood, manage me Mr. King.

He's got endorsement contracts with every possible product. If they could write him into a mosquito repellant lotion commercial, he'd probably do one. Don't let mosquitoes get you down, fight back! (Play boxing sound here as Manny squishes the Dengue carriers)

He sings. I'm not even gonna expound on this. Why can't boxers just be boxers like the good old days sans Mike Tyson's carnivorous craving for human ear.

Why I dislike him is not entirely his fault. Media presents him as a Bayani (National Hero) Barf bucket please. He wins millions in prize money and endorsements AND we they call him a Bayani? Some people CAN have it all. I'd like to think he is only an athlete whose timing for fame is perfect. With numerous awful things happening, he is the perfect distraction... hopeful, you could actually project yourself in his Burlington socks and imagine the cash flowing in like Niagara Falls... the bills are almost tangible.

The moment he kills Magellan, writes a novel rip-off of Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo, gets shot in the back at Luneta, organizes a revolution with red hankies tied around their necks... then... I could possibly call him a Bayani. Right now, He is just a great boxer who sings awful meant-for-karaoke songs and hauls millions. Anything beyond that is wishful thinking or media distortion. Boxers are prizefighters people!

They have a term for what I'm thinking... Something mentality... hmmm... I think it's a type of crustacean.

Useless info: I watch boxing matches only if I can't avoid them. Even without the lions, the lances and shields, the armor, the screaming audience from the tiers of the Colosseum... It is still Roman Gladiators with foamed gloves and a referee. I always turn to the cinema for things I dunno. Enter Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, Girlfight, Cinderella Man, etc. etc.

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posted by Alternati, 4:24 PM

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