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American I-doppelgangers

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Is anyone else ecstatic the world said "Sayonara Sanjaya"? Finally, the seemingly tone-deaf American audience voted off... err... that sounds wrong... anyways... voted off the multi-coifed AI finalist. I guess faux-hawks, minority representation and charisma (which I never got from him) can only take you so far. The folks at votefortheworst aren't too pleased I presume, and they're looking for a replacement for their papaya Sanjaya.

Kai's post on the show inspired this entry... (Oh and Kai... the Santino "Andrei" thing in your blog's new header is faaaabulous!) The following pic sums it up:

Melinda Doolittle and Carding

The oh so talented Melinda Doolittle and her Filipino look-a-like. hehehehe... This is sort of an inside pinoy joke few people overseas (or born before the days of vinyl) can relate to. That is half of the Filipino singing sensation that was The Reycards. When I saw the show last Wednesday, all I could think of was "Heshe looks like..."

And so I'm doing the whole "separated at birth" thing...

Chris Sligh and Jack Osbourne

Everyone already saw the resemblence even before Chris made the David Hasselhoff remark. Jack is the son of Black Sabbath's bat-head-devouring Ozzy Osbourne. This blog thought Chris S looked like a topiary. lol

Jordin Sparks and America Ferrera

I thought I was the first to see it but I was sadly mistaken when I came across this blog.

Stephanie Edwards and Fantasia

Pretty obvious, don't cha think? Everyone says so. Stephanie got booted for her lack of originality in her singing (Beyonce, anyone?) and apparently, the image as well.

Haley Scarnato and Irina Derevko

I've been rewatching earlier seasons of Alias and I've always got a sense of deja vu whenever Haley performed... until it dawned on me... Irina (Lena Olin)

Chris Richardson and Will Tippin

Told you I've been watching too much Alias. Everyone says Chris R. looks like Justin Timberlake... I say he looks like Tippin (Bradley Cooper)

Blake Lewis and Steve Zahn

Steve is one of those actors you see everywhere in supporting roles... most notably in Reality Bites.

Gina Glocksen and Callie Torres a.k.a. Callie O'Malley
(note to self: don't marry someone whose surname rhymes with your first name)

The smile, the eyebrow, the big bones, the strong voice...

Lakisha Jones and Kenan Thompson

This season's Mandisa and the SNL cast member could be fraternal twins. (I said this in Kai's comment box... I wonder if a Filipino ever came up to Lakisha and told her what her name translated to in Filipino... tee hee)

Brandon Rogers and Venus Williams

Again, a set of fraternal twins...

Phil Stacey and Gollum/ Smeagol

I even placed the bonnet on Gollum just to help you out.

Sanjaya Malakar and Animal

Awwww... a muppet. My first look-a-like was Moses from The Prince of Egypt mainly because of the hair and the svelte body but I couldn't find an image online so I nixed the idea. Then my next choice was one of Oprah's cocker spaniels... but that would be too harsh... Animal is perfect cause he too has lots of charisma and mediocre singing skills.


"I don't care what people think about it,
to the left or to the right.
There are too many guns in our society.
Too many children have lost their lives in this great country."
-- Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.

The tragedy in Columbine happened on this day eight years ago. George Santayana said:
"Those who cannot learn from history are bound to repeat it."

My heart goes out to all the victims and the friends and families of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy.


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