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Sarcasm Aside

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Friday, November 24, 2006

If you haven't watched the TV series Lost... just read the text in red, I might bore you to death or worse, scare you from reading my blog again.

I guess the easiest way to lose interest in Lost is to not watch the pilot and not watch several key episodes. Like say that episode where they showed the crash of the tail section of the plane or the death of Shannon, you're just lost without knowing these bits and pieces. The easiest way to regain that interest is to watch the series like a crazy conspiracy theorist living in a hatch... from the very beginning to the end, everytime you find the time to do so.

I have spent a total of approximately 48 hours in the hatch watching the first two seasons of Lost. The secrecy is addictive.

The plot is fast paced and extremely engaging. Most of the time, the secrets are implied, however, I feel some secrets are revealed a little too bluntly... perhaps to make sure the audience grasps these plot-changing secrets clearly. (Give us a little more credit) I really can't imagine the thought process of the writers of the show. I wonder if they started with the idea of a plane crash in a deserted island and brainstormed their way into an intricate web of secrets and connectivity or if they worked from the greatest secret to the plane crash, making the possibly farfetched scenario believable by making it relatable. Details outward to the whole or vice versa.
Everyone can detect special effects now, "That looks so real"... looks being the operative word. Knowing they're not real dilutes their potency. The minimal discerning use of great special effects makes the mysteries of the island more powerful. Shaking trees and camera angles from the viewpoint of the "monsters" tickles the imagination more than say a 30 foot gecko wearing red armor and standing on its hind legs.

Ian Somerhalder, or Boone to the Lost audience, was why I wanted to watch the show when it first started airing. I loved him instantly in Young Americans, a short-lived TV series. And who could forget Matthew Fox as Charlie from Party of Five. I had reservations with the initial plot... pre-hatch, pre-Anna Lucia, pre-"The Others". Having a limited number of characters limits the growth of the story and the whole deserted island storyline... we've already seen that perfected in Survivor. Once that Polar Bear came out, I knew my initial thoughts were wrong. The issue for me became the long list of characters and how each would be memorable and relatable... enter six degrees of separation and excellent casting agent.

With the insanely hungry for more info ending of the second season, it's inevitable a better understanding of the island and "the others" is imminent. I wonder how big and complicated the story will become. It could go either way, it could be even more engaging than the first two season or overwriting can cost public interest. The writers should be wary when too much is too much.

One of the problems with living in the third world... There is a TV show timewarp. The local cable networks are still showing the tail end of the second season while in other places, they're already watching the seventh episode of the third season. Look at me complaining about air dates when there are real problems in the world... It's the cabin fever, I'm on TV rehab.

If for anything else, Lost makes you think. Would you believe it if you saw it? Would you believe in fate or faith? Would you kill to save your kid? Would you like to kill me now for stating the obvious? And the numerous conspiracy theories about the show is evidence enough that people are thinking. Okay, so most of the people may be dorks like me, but I'd like to believe it has a wider audience. My conspiracy theory evolved from purgatory to something between privately owned corporations, pyschology and the Head and Shoulders commercial of Evolution.


posted by Alternati, 10:25 AM

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