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Me Likey 001

Friday, September 22, 2006

Here are some things I absolutely like(y), thought I'd share them...

Me Likey: The Human Clock
Thanks to my online source for everything interesting in the net, fosfor.se, I came across this clock. Now if only someone adept with programming (or whatever skill is necessary) would make a screensaver out of it.

Me Likey: Gahooyoogle
The fabulous En introduced me to gahooyoogle. I know use it as my homepage. It may cut your browser window in half but web searching becomes twice as efficient! If you haven't figured out yet what gahooyoogle means, then that means you don't deserve it... hehe

Me Likey: Floobles
Flooble... what a fuzzy name for my blog-clutter minimizing device. My floobles are the green buttons located on my right side bar with labels like "Blogroll", etc. It is such a nifty device that allows you to sweep your clutter under the rug. Although my blog is still a tad cluttered (a manifestation of my mind) I think the clutter is just right...

Me Likey: Abandonia
My brother-in-law introduce me to the world of Abandonia when I couldn't think of anything better to do on a lazy weekend. It is a cache of many abandoned games. Most of the downloads are free because the owners of the games have stopped developing them. It has a lot of free DOS-based games which include classics like Doom, Dungeon Master, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, etc. etc. Younger gamers may be put off by the lack of graphics and the lousy digital sounds, but these games are extremely addictive. I was fixed on my computer when I played The Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy: from "opening the light" of my room and "drinking the pill" up until I "handed the device" to the Marvin so he can manually "open the hatch".

Me Likey: Gunbound
This is the office addiction. Gunbound is like Worms Armageddon only less cutesy and more vicious. This is the only online game I play.

In this game, you control an avatar which you can dress up with items from the "shop". The clothing and accessories enhance your avatar in different ways (offense, defense, popularity, etc.) You also have to choose from an array of mobiles with unique guns that are handled in a specific way and whose projectiles behave differently. The aim is to take the enemy avatars (controlled by other online gamers) out of the game by either hitting them until they smoke (kill) or by targetting the ground they're standing on until they fall (bunge). The avatars don't really get killed but instead fly off to the top of the screen on machines with propellers underneath.
Another fun (and exasperating) aspect of the game is the presence of environment changes that affect your ammunition. Tornados and lighting shafts appear out of nowhere. And the wind, the drasted wind, affects where your ammo goes as well. I had good grades in my Physics classes but they don't seem to translate into this game. Yes, I know I'm too old to even play this game, however I act like a crushed whiny kid when I get disintegrated by an 11 year old gamer.

Me Likey: Distraction
I haven't seen a game show this entertainingly cruel in a while. It is hosted by the incisively humorous stand-up comedian Jimmy Carr. He is like a pansier but more likeable version of Simon Cowell. He never runs out of witty remarks and brutal comebacks. You see a glint of pleasure in his eyes whenever the contestants suffer either from actual physical pain or from his eloquently delivered snide comments.

It starts of with four contestants and one is physically removed (the lowest scorer) after each segment. It follows your typical Q & A game show format, However, contestants here are distracted.
In the first segment, the contestants have buzzers, just like your typical shows, to signal they know the answer to a question. But in distraction, these buzzers electrocute you (yes... a charge of electricity). In some episodes, in order to "buzz-in" you need to put your hand in a mouse trap (yes... actual mouse traps, the big ones), or break a bottle on your head (stage glass) or my personal favorite (as seen in the picture to the left) you had to pee (yes... urinate) in order to buzz-in. hahaha... They don't show anything obscene on TV but you do here them doing #1.
In the second segment, you were either pile driven by a wrestler, harassed by a bully, etc. while you answer things like "Spell psychotic backwards" or "Name the three Simpsons kids".
In the third segment, punishment is given to the contestant who didn't get the answer (In some instances, both of them don't get it) When you answer incorrectly you either eat some disgusting "delicacy", get shot with a paint ball or even get pierced (yes!... actual piercings!)
When a winner finally emerges, Jimmy Carr announces he/she has won a brand new car... HOWEVER, he still had five questions left which come from two absurd categories like "Fishing OR Custard" from which the contestant chooses. Everytime the contestant got a question wrong a part of the car is permanently destroyed. Something along the likes of splashing a can of paint on the hood, severing the side mirrors with a baseball bat, slashing the car seats or smashing the windshield with a sledgehammer. When all is done the contestant forces a smile beside the mutilated car he/she just won and will take home... as is.
This show is oh so sadistic and oh so fun...

Distraction is a British game show that's been bought by Comedy Central. The episodes I have watched are pre-American purchase and I've seen them on Jack TV on Thursday Nights.

So ends my list.

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