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Sarcasm Aside

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Row, Row, Row your Junk

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Brace yourself... This is another Amazing Race post.

Peter is an ass. I just wanted to get that off my chest. You'd think being a prosthetist he'd be more thoughtful of the feelings of amputees... but nooo... he makes tacky comments like "Sarah, why don't you show them your handicap placard so you can go first!", or have his soon to be ex-girlfriend (hopefully) run around on her prosthetic leg just so they can beg for money from locals. And in last night's episode, one team member had to scale a 90 foot sheer face with a mechanical ascender. And who did it? The one without the handicap placard. Peter is an ass. One big, tacky ass.

It's funny how when you discover unpleasant qualities, they become less and less human-looking. Whenever I see Peter with his smug face on that boat all I can see is ET, I know ET is a darling and to compare him to this monster is audacious, but with Peter's wide set eyes, cro-magnon forehead and bone structure... he could play ET's distant cousin... sans prosthetics. Irony, he's a prosthetist.

Sarah looks like a less prettier Naomi Watts. I wonder if she can run the race on her own.

TAR Taught Me:
  1. Peter is an ass.
  2. I never recognized the "green" connotation of Vietnamese money until James pointed it out.
  3. "I'm very auditory" said one of the beauty queens. She is an ear? I'm no grammar/ vocabulary expert but this statement just sounds wrong. "I'm very audile", or "I have sensitive ears" is what she meant... I think. Or she could have meant she was an ear. While saying this, she stopped at a trash can and listened to crickets thinking it was the auditory clue they were looking for. How nice.
  4. Karma is soooo sweet. Again, the beauty queens cut the line to reach the boats and in doing so, one of them ended up with a bleeding leg. I was laughing like crazy. Lyn and Karlyn, the team they passed, said they had that coming. I was thinking of a gorier form of retribution... perhaps broken fingernails? Or a broken tiara? I have issues with beauty queens... But I also do believe in world peace, baton twirling... and putting vaseline on your teeth.
  5. Alot of people don't know how to row a boat. Tine and I made our audition CD to Amazing Race Asia in a boat while we were rowing and a couple of friends were filming us. We would have sailed (no pun intended) in that rowing challenge.., Okay, okay... so we rowed a boat in a calm lake and it may be... just a little harder to row against strong ocean current.
  6. They used two types of boats... A Junk looks like a tug boat (in background), yes the type of boat Popeye has, and the other one is a Sampan (the one the bickering couple in the foreground are in and are trying desperately to maneuver) which looks like a regular row boat.
  7. It is probably wise to raise the anchor if you want your junk to move faster.

Tom and Terry got eliminated. Tom on Ha Long Bay: "As long as there is a Starbucks nearby, we can live here!"

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posted by Alternati, 3:13 PM

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