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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nearly everyone in the house is infected by a cough virus that's been an unwanted visitor for weeks now. I am surprisingly one of the uninfected ones. I received the label of "weakling" from my mom not in a derogatory sense... she merely stated a fact. If anyone is bound to get the flu during the rainy season, it would be me. My mom blames my smoking and my indifference to citrus fruits, I in turn think it's inborn.

The brother passed it my mom, my nephew to my niece, and so forth. The cough virus relay made me impose a quarantine on myself. I hate having the cough... your throat aches, you sound like a rabid dog, medicine sucks and I don't find chucking up phlegm particularly alluring. But worst of all, I miss my golden Marlboros whenever I'm fighting the cold war.

Everyone is on antibiotics now. The first thing my family drinks during the onset of cough is the premier drug of self medication... Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa. My sis discovered this during the "neozep-causing-heart-ailments" scare. We turned herbal. Aside from actually getting immediate results, loquat and honey based cough syrup is yummy. I've been perpetually scared of the taste of Benadryl, so this sweet syrupy medication earned an immediate rave. (Do I sound like an endorser now? haha)

I never looked at the packaging before. I saw a pamphlet that comes with the bottle lying around the dining room... informative AND hilarious.

These are the normal understandable ones. The old guy looks like Pai Mei from Kill Bill.

Awww... Look at the subtle use of a clock and the crescent moon to tell the time. The woman in bed showing the international hand gesture for "mind over heart"

The man on the left showing the international hand gesture for indigestion. The illustration on the right is a riddle. The caption: "Dryness of the skin caused by lung infections" is illustrated so intelligibly by a woman with red earring holding a glass and a chicken leg.

Right: Lung infections cause pimples? Gawd, I never knew that.
Left: I wonder if the opened window (with wafting leaf) contributed in any way to his cough... hmmm... lemme think...

Left: Honey, that's not dryness OR soreness... That's an Adam's apple.
Right: That woman sure looks agitated. Kudos to the artist.

I found that Pei Pa Koa is effective only for me during the onset of colds and cough, a sort of preventive delicious medication. However, I need an actual non-imaginary doctor when things get worse. I'm an extremely pathetic self-medicator.

It has a website: Nin Jiom

New Tenant

Check out The Dana Files. I had four bids this time and I chose Dana because she too likes the Charlie Brown cartoons. Thanks to Stev, Ivan and Blondechick for bidding.

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posted by Alternati, 12:42 PM

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