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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hey everyone. Thanks for the greetings through the holidays... I'll start blogrolling to return my late greetings.

I haven't been able to update my blog. Nope, I didn't fall into a crevice in the caves... nope, I wasn't abducted by angry Plutonians... and nope, I didn't join the Peace Corps (although I really want to). After the trip to Sagada (which was fabulous... will tell more about it in future posts) I was so busy, I couldn't find time to go online. My yahoo inbox was practically full when I checked it two days ago (aka back to work). I've been preoccupied with the celebration for New Year's, with the business my sister, Pam and I are establishing and with work that piled up during the holidays. The past two weeks, "busy" meant:
Busy (n)
  1. Engaged in activity, as work; occupied.
  2. Multi-tasking ad nauseum.
  3. Dream imagery is dominated by office desks and staplers
  4. Activities like breathing and blinking need to be scheduled.

I might be whining, tugging at my hair and biting my nails to oblivion... but it's a good kind of busy. The kind of busy where you don't notice how physically spent you are until you stop and recline.

Also, I was supposed to update my blog last night but both the internet connection here at the office and the one at home are excruciatingly slow. I dunno if Blogger has a problem or if it's Firefox, but the sluggish connection was just unbearable.

Since I wasn't able to spend the New Year's with my blogging buddies (aww shucks), would you mind holding each other's hands and singing...

"Should all acquaintances be forgot, na na na na na na (I have no idea what the lyrics are!)... Should all acquaintances be forgot, na na na auld lang syne!!!"

Happy New Year y'all!!!

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posted by Alternati, 1:19 PM

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